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Concessionary Travel

eo consulting supports local authorities in transforming the delivery of travel concessions such as the Blue Badge, National Bus Pass and Taxicard schemes.

We have a detailed knowledge of government regulation and guidance, including the Blue Badge Reform Programme, focused on the wider use of independent mobility assessments, service integration and improved data management.

The outcome of our work is a robust, consistent, fair and transparent Best Practice service that delivers both a better user experience and year-on-year efficiency savings to the local authority.

Harrow Council - Integrated Concessionary Travel

'After years of disorganised chaos, Harrow took the decision to re-engineer the whole of its concessionary travel service and to review existing policies, in order to both improve service delivery to customers and to cut costs.

To aid in this task Harrow brought in eo consulting and after 18 months I am pleased to confirm that we are on schedule to save £600,000 a year and as a bonus were well placed to deal with the introduction of Blue Badge reform. The importance of the project both politically and financially meant a high level of involvement at both Director and Portfolio Holder level and the outcomes could not have been achieved without the professional and expert support of eo consulting.

I have no hesitation in recommending eo consulting to other authorities.'

Fern Silverio
Divisional Director - Collections & Housing Benefits
Harrow Council

The problem

A Service Efficiency Review in Harrow Council identified a fragmented and inconsistent service, with a significant annual spend. Government guidance stresses, in particular, the need to move away from GP endorsement - but how to do this in a way which makes business sense and does not impact negatively on users?

The solution

eo consulting designed the new process to meet the following objectives:

  • To improve the user experience through clarity and transparency, with a service focused on those who need it most
  • To move to a robust, integrated and independent mobility assessment service for all three concessions
  • To generate efficiency savings and facilitate proactive budget management
  • To reduce the opportunity for fraud

eo consulting delivered:

  • A virtual trial pilot covering integrated mobility assessments
  • Financial Impact Assessment and Options Report
  • A fair and equitable assessment model
  • Systems and processes supported by new business rules documentation set within a coherent strategic policy, including the Blue Badge Improvement Scheme
  • An independent mobility assessment contract
  • User group consultation
  • Staff training
  • Joint working with neighbouring authorities

The Outcome

Harrow Council is seeing an improved customer experience, with the service focused on those who need it most, together with year-on-year efficiency savings.

eo consulting is retained to provide on-going Project and Contract Management support and to further develop the service in line with emerging government reforms.

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