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Business Travel Audit and Pool Car Business Case - Weymouth & Portland Borough Council and West Dorset District Council Shared Services Partnership

'The directors were very impressed, especially with the evidence-based approach and the professional quality of the report.'

David Evans
Director of Environment

Business Travel Audit and Pool Car Business Case

eo consulting carried out a comprehensive audit of business travel within the partnership and from this developed a detailed business case for a pool car fleet in place of the grey fleet, set within a new travel strategy framework.

  • Comprehensive staff survey to analyse future work patterns and travel needs within the new management structure
  • Detailed data collection and analysis of staff travel, including the grey fleet, pool car scheme and the use of rail and cycling
  • Strategic analysis of travel policy and working practice, including the New Ways of Working strategy and Green Travel Plan, set within a broader need to deliver financial efficiencies
  • Stakeholder consultation with local business and public sector organisations and neighbouring local authorities to assess the potential for collaborative working

From this, eo consulting modelled a series of sensitivity tests based on optimal and sub-optimal vehicle utilisation and mileage reduction strategies. We compared the financial benefits of differing solutions including an expanded pool car scheme, short-term hire, fleet rental, a Car Club and an ongoing use of the grey fleet.

A comprehensive business case was prepared, detailing financial and non-financial benefits, risk analysis and service specifications, incorporating:

  • Fleet operating model
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle purchase and leasing options
  • Procurement profile
  • Vehicle allocation by service area
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Scheme management
  • Telematics options
  • Insurance

Key to successful delivery was to set the business case within a new Travel Hierarchy policy. Our recommended solution, supported by an implementation plan, was accepted by the Partnership's Senior Management Team in January 2013 and is now being rolled out.

Transport Service Review - Newham Council

eo consulting developed new management processes and service specification for Adult and SEN transport on behalf of the London Borough of Newham.

  • A strategic review of national and local issues
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Benchmarking
  • Identification of best practice
  • The development and analysis of options

We set out a series of recommendations and next steps with the aim of improving service quality standards. We helped set in place a robust contract management process and improved communications, whilst reducing operational costs. The Council has taken forward our recommendations and is now seeing benefits delivered.

'Bob Coe has completed a number of different projects for the London Borough of Newham. He has taken on complex tasks with differing technical requirements and has added great value to the projects. We would not hesitate to recommend him as someone who can solve many different problems on a wide range of transport issues.

Bob's skills bring together excellent transport knowledge and equally excellent people skills. It's not just that the project gets delivered on time and within budget. It's also that it's actually fun to get the job done, when Bob is leading on the work'.

Greer Nicholson
Transport and Concessionary Travel Manager
London Borough of Newham

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