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Travel Behaviour

eo consulting provides a wide range of support in preparing and implementing Travel Behaviour projects, including Travel Plans and Business Travel Audits, together with Transport Assessments in support of development proposals.

Travel Plan and Transport Statement

eo consulting prepared a Transport Statement and Travel Plan in support of a planning application for a Conference Centre and Community Church in Reading.

We analysed existing travel patterns, parking constraints, site accessibility and public transport and assessed the impact of the development on vehicle/person trips. We recommended a series of measures in support of the planning application, with a particular focus on resolving issues around the level of parking provision.

Our comprehensive Travel Plan set out a detailed strategy to deliver sustainable means of access, including a personalised travel planning programme, car share, shuttle bus, cycling, walking and promotion/information initiatives, all monitored against a series of defined targets and supported by robust travel plan management.

Business Travel Audit

An audit of staff travel within Southampton City Council was undertaken in order to contribute to promoting sustainable travel, to reducing carbon emissions and to deliver cost savings. We analysed staff travel patterns, claims and allowances, the use of pool cars, the car club scheme, cycling and rail, along with council travel policy and booking and travel advice processes.

Our recommendations and Action Plan are to be set within a new holistic Travel Plan aimed at delivering more sustainable travel patterns for both business travel and staff commuting.

This work contributed towards a broader project examining the potential to transform passenger transport services, undertaken by Peopletoo.

Transport Assessment

We undertook a Transport Assessment for an independent school in Berkshire, in support of proposals to intensify development at the school and to secure a safer and more sustainable environment in the longer term. We analysed current travel patterns and advised on new access and circulation arrangements.

We negotiated a successful outcome with the local highway authority and secured further highway benefits towards safer access for students.

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